Kansas City Bag Company, Inc. is an importer and distributor of commercial shipping sacks.

We specialize in globally sourcing paper and plastic bags. With years of technical experience in product handling, automation, and supply chain management, KCB is a highly skilled supplier.

KCB works with qualified manufacturers in the U.S., South America, Mexico, China, and India providing our clients with excellent value and quality.
Multiwall Paper Bags Multiwall and Small Paper Bags
Kansas City Bag sources and distributes multiwall paper bags in high performance and standard kraft paper constructions. The paper used in our shipping sacks is a 100% renewable resource.
Kansas City Bag distributes and imports custom woven poly commercial shipping sacks. Our team of packaging professionals can design custom products meeting your individual product handling needs.
Kansas City Bag is an Industrial and commercial packaging company that supplies paper bags, shipping sacks, multiwall bags/sacks, poly woven bags/sacks, BOPP, SOS, SOM, PVSE, FIBC, Bulk Bags/totes, chemical bags, commercial packaging, feed bags, industrial packaging,  plastic bags, poly bags, polyethylene bags, product packaging, sand bags and much more.
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