To Calculate Sack Size
By Product Density

1. Establish desired weight in pounds.

2. Obtain product density in pounds per cubic foot.

3. Calculate required sack volume by dividing sack weight by product density to obtain sack volume in cubic feet.

Desired Sack Weight (lbs.) / Density of Product (lbs./cu. ft.) = cubic foot required.

4. Select bag style and use the table to select bag size.

For valve bags you can calculate the approximate capacity in cubic feet by:

A. Take 80% of the face width.

B. Multiply times the length of the filled valve sack plus 1/2" to 1" for rounding.

C. Multiply times the thickness of the filled sack (the width of the top or bottom).

Use the chart to adjust sizes or to select an alternate bag style.
Bag Size Estimator
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