Kansas City Bag has a broad range of paper and paperboard products that are used in a number of industries. With our low overhead and raw material cost, we find our products competitively priced delivered to locations around the globe.

Available products include:
• Coated Paper
• Coated Paperboard
• Wax Replacements
• Poly Replacements
• Laminated Paperboard
• Fiber Reduction Products
• Slip Sheets
• Tier Sheets
• Eco-Plast Tier Sheets
• Control Coat Gripping Sheets
• Wall Sheathing
• Automotive Board
• Roll Wrap
• Cable Wrap
• Roll Headers and End Caps

We also offer a broad range of paper and paperboard converting services:
• Sheeting
• Rewinding
• Laminating
• Die Cuting

Our standard paper and paperboard grades include the following:

• Kraft Paper
• Kraft Linerboard
• Mottle White Linerboard
• Corrugating Medium
• Recycled Chipboard
• Coated Paperboard Products

SOM-Sewn Open Mouth

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